Ragi Nutrition and Health Benefits |Disadvantages

Ragi nutrition is unlimited because they contain a powerhouse of nutrients like dietary fiber, protein, unsaturated fat, calcium, iron, vitamin A thiamine riboflavin, niacin with all essential acids.

In India, people like to eat ragi recipes including ragi malt, roti, dosa laddu, and more healthy delicious recipes.

Ragi provides impressive health benefits like promoting weight loss, reduce inflammation in the body, improve heart condition, relief from stress and anxiety, bone strengthening, muscle strength along with the digestive system.

Ragi (finger millet) Nutrition Per 100 grams

NutrientsNutrition Per 100 g
Calories37 8
Total fat4.2 g
Saturated Fat0.7 g
Total Carbohydrate73 g
Dietary Fiber8.5 g
Protein11.5 g
Potassium408 mg
Calcium344 mg
Iron3.9 mg

Ragi contains a huge amount of protein, fiber, iron, and other crucial nutrients.

That’s why it is the best food for lose weight, diabetes, anemia, and other benefits for a strong healthy lifestyle.

If you consume ragi (finger millet) on your daily basis it will fulfill your calcium needs. And it is very crucial for old age people to prevent bone fractures.

Ragi health benefits With Nutrition

Ragi Health Benefits And Precautions

Ragi is an excellent source of nutrients and also contains unbelievable medical properties as well.

That’s why

Ragi provides numerous nutrition other than any food. And it is one of the best nutrition-dense food in the world.

This is accomplished by recent research reports on nutritional foods.

Ragi health benefits
Ragi (Finger Millets)

Here we are going to discuss some of the most important uses of ragi that are given below.

1.Support Weight Loss

Ragi is especially helpful to lose with the help of amino acids.

Tryptophan amino acid has the ability to significantly decrease your appetite levels.

If you compare to other cereals ragi contain more fiber. It will help you to control cravings for a long period of time as well as a healthy digestive system.

In addition, they are a good source of healthy fats compare to other millets.

2. Enhance Bone Strength

Bone strength is very important in the present day. Ragi is helpful to build strong bones with the help of a huge amount of calcium.

Finger millet (or) ragi usually provides a very higher amount of calcium compared to other plant-based foods.

If you want to get calcium effectively then you just try to walk in the morning sunlight to absorbing vitamin D.

When you consume ragi along with vitamin D help you to absorb more calcium to your body.

Ragi is essential, especially for children and old age people to fulfill calcium needs naturally.

3. Fight With Anemia

Ragi is an excellent food for a fight with anemia with the help of a higher amount of iron content.

And it also delivers good quality of vitamin C. Help you to support in the absorption of iron content to your body efficiently.

If you want to get natural iron from ragi, you try to use molakalu. This method improves the quality of vitamin C.

4. Prevent And Control Diabetes

Diabetes is now common in a lot people get diabetic diseases around the world.

Ragi millet has the ability to control and prevent diabetic diseases in your future life and as well as diabetes people also mean diabetic patients.

This food contains polyphenols and dietary fiber may help you to prevent diabetes.

According to recent studies found that consuming ragi food on a daily basis may have prevented the chance to get diabetes.

Additionally, ragi have less glycemic index it means glycemic index high there will be a chance to get diabetes higher levels.

So finger millets are provided numerous ragi health benefits to your body to prevent and control diseases such as diabetes and other diseases.

5.Prevent Heart Diseases

Ragi provides a good amount of healthy fats because this fat is available in the form of unsaturated.

That’s why you consume ragi related foods that decrease blood clots in blood nerves.

And also they have the ability to reduce bad cholesterol levels because it contains amino acids like cysteine, methionine.

Moreover, these amino acids remove the excess fat from the liver. As well as they contain another amino acid Eleusinian that can reduce the absorption of fat in your body.

Due to the huge amount of dietary fiber, it can manage your cholesterol levels healthy.

6. Strengthen Your Immunity Levels

Immunity plays an important role in our life to prevent a lot of health diseases.

You want to strengthen your immune system, then you like to include ragi millets in your diet plan along with physical activities.

I saw a lot of farmers include ragi flour with other cereals and work very hard. Age above 80 years of farmers also not get any diseases.

I think you understand the importance of the ragi health benefits along with workouts makes sure your immunity levels very strong.

7. Provides Relaxing Effect

Ragi gives additional benefits like relief from anxiety, depression migration headache.

You can eat this kind of food on your daily routine it may provide a calming effect to your mind

It is a unique characteristic of this millet.

8. Improve Digestive Health

The right amount of dietary fiber with nutritional values makes your digestive system healthy.

Dietary fiber plays a crucial role in digestion to process food in the intestines smoothly.

If you consume this grain in your daily routine in the right portions, you will get a sufficient amount of dietary fiber that will help you to get ragi health benefits for your digestive system.

9. Beneficial Amino Acids

It is a good source of a lot of useful amino acids like tryptophan, cysteine, methionine, and others.

For example, the Eleusinian amino acid helps you to treat muscle injuries as well as nervous system health.

And also this amino acid improves bone, skin health.

These are all essential amino acids that provide other health benefits like oral health, boost metabolism, reduce exercise fat.

Moreover, they also contain antioxidants that help you to prevent body cell damage.

10. Helps Muscle Building

Most of the people want to build strong muscles with good shape.

And while getting age muscle loss is possible naturally.

If you want to improve muscles, you just try to include ragi in your diet. Because ragi is a perfect source of protein content.

And also it will be useful for people who want to get high protein from vegetarian foods this will be a perfect one.


A. First, memorize that if you have any thyroid health problem you don’t include millets in your diet.

Because they are not good for thyroid diseased people.

B. Excess consumption of ragi case too digestive problems such as slowing down down the digestion process, excess production of gas, stomach cramps.

Bottom Line

I think you understand what are the health benefits of ragi and how valuable for us.

This article provides information purposes only. if you have any health issues please talk with your doctor to get valuable tips.

People who want to lose weight and manage weight with food, then this is an amazing one to include in the diet.

Especially ragi is an outstanding source of nutrition, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties and a huge amount of dietary fiber, a protein with all essential amino acids.

Did you know that

Amino acids are very crucial to promote health and treat some kind of muscle injuries, cell damage and more.

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