Quick Ketogenic Dinner Recipes you can Try Now

If you are looking for tasty and delicious favorite ketogenic dinner recipes. It’s a high fat and low carb eating plan that could help your natural weight loss.

If you consult a doctor for following this diet, try one of these 15-minute ketogenic dinner recipes simply.

So you can spend less time cooking and have a great time with these simple ketogenic dinner recipes every evening.

The Quick List Of Ketogenic Dinner Recipes:

Who wants to eat fast dinners and find the best recipes to make your stomach happy before going to sleep. Let us try out these popular ketogenic recipes for reach your goal lose weight.

Ketogenic dinner recipes

1.Andhra Chicken Pakora

Chicken pakora is an amazing Recipe for a ketogenic diet plan. This is most popular in rayachoty that placed in south India. It is very interesting to eat this chicken pakora while studying in rayachoty.

And this recipe is made with very simple ingredients and available in several places in south India. Especially Muslim people very good at making this chicken pakora. We are making this recipe in our homes also, I already try this in my home that’s why I want to share my making info with you.

Required Ingredients:

1.Boneless chicken 500 grams,

2.salt as you needed,

3.Red chilly powder,

4.Turmeric powder,

5.Ginger garlic paste,

6.Coriander seeds powder,

  1. Garam masala and black pepper,

8.Corn powder,

  1. olive oil


  1. in bowl mixture the boneless chicken with all the above-mentioned ingredients for well-formed.
  2. Here you can also add an egg to this mixture well for good taste. Lastly, add some olive oil to this mixture and mix them well.
  3. Put aside this mixture for 10-15 minutes for good absorption of the masalas.
  4. After completion of this time heat the olive oil for deep frying.
  5. Add the chicken pieces into the oil for deep frying and vertically slit the green chilies.
  6. And some curry leaves into the pan.
  7. Deep fry the chicken pakora until chicken pieces get golden red color.
  8. Remove them from the pan and serve on a beautiful plate.

2. Chilly Chicken

Chilly chicken is a wonderful recipe for ketogenic dinner recipes. To make Andhra chilly chicken you will need green chilies, clockwise sliced onions, chopped coriander leaves, Chopped mint leaves, garam masala powder, olive oil, salt, ginger garlic, lemon and last is chicken pieces.


Step1: in mixie jar add 1tea spoon of ginger garlic paste, a cup of coriander leaves, mint leaves, chopped chilies with salt cover and grind them well.

Step2: In 500 grams chicken bowl add ground masala paste, some corn powder, squeeze 1 lemon and mix them well.

Step3: Place this aside until 10-15 minutes for good absorption of masalas to get a good taste.

Step4: Heat 50 ml of olive oil in the pan and add already prepared chicken pieces into the pan.

Step5: Stir-fry the chicken pieces for 6 to 7 minutes and add the cup of pure water into the boiled chicken.

Step6: Mix well and cook for 10 minutes with cover. And finally, cook on high flame until it’s got sticky.

Step7: The delicious Andhra chilly chicken is ready to serve in ketogenic recipes.

3.Cheese & Ham Bake

This is very delicious to eat and each serving contains a high amount of calories and fats. It takes less time make that’s why this recipe is fastest one in ketogenic dinner recipes.

Take a look at ingredients that easy to pick them, so why are you waiting lest check out this hurry.
. 2 Cups of chopped cauliflower,
. 2 Cups of ham cooked after chopped,
. 1 cup of heavy whipping cream,
. 1/2 sour cream,
. Half teaspoon black pepper,
. Half teaspoon garlic powder.


Step1: First take the cauliflower into the boiling bowl and cover it with water to cook for 10 minutes.

Step2: After cooking the cauliflower, drain the water from that.

Step3: Mix the cooked cauliflower with the potato masher until it gets flour. Then spread in the plate.

Step4: After picking the 2 cups of chopped
Step4: After picking the 2 cups of chopped cooked ham and spread it on the cauliflower mixture.

Step5: And take 2 cups of shredded sharp cheddar cheese and add 1/2 cup of sour cream to that one.

Step6: Add heavy whipped cream into the pan, black pepper, and garlic powder.

Step7: Mix together on medium heat on the stow and pour this mixture on the already prepared one.

Step8: Finally add some mozzarella on the top and it is ready to serve.

Precautions on Ketogenic Diet Recipe.:

Every guidance needs some important precautions because it has some side effects if you aware of that you perfectly follow the guides for achieving real goals.

Measuring Ketones Levels:

Measuring the ketones level is important for everyone who wants to lose their weight naturally. A mild state of ketosis gives you some benefits such as weight loss.

There are few perfect methods to measure ketones in your body that are

and breath each one gives ketones results.

Adaption Period:

Adaption period is a time when you replace the current diet with any other diet, at the time your body needs some time for adaption to that diet.

In this time you have faced some side effects until your body gets adopted. The collection of side effects called keto-flu.

This keto-flu goes about 4 weeks at that time you need to consult your doctor for taking suggestions to avoid this.

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