PAN Card Download Online Easily With Simple Steps

PAN card download online – people who want to virtual e PAN card, income Tax Department services provide facility to get with below 10 rupees payment.

Generally, PAN full name is permanent account number and it is used for financial tax operations.

A permanent account number is a 10 digit unique number and comes with an alphanumeric code that is a combination of alphabets and numeric numbers.

Every person has their unique number for a PAN card.

This guidance helps people who are new applicants, PAN cardholders, for duplicate card print.

For downloading your virtual pan card you need to fill up few details that are listed below.

  • PAN card number or acknowledgement number
  • Aadhar card number
  • Date of birth
  • Register mobile number
  • Registered email address

With the help of this information, you can able to download your virtual PAN card from web Services.

Easy steps to PAN card download online and use as duplicate

Let’s talk about the uses of PAN card

People who try to credit higher amounts to their bank accounts as well as debit more than 40000 amount from your account at the moment your pan card is essential to perform this kind of financial operation.

In present days you need a PAN card for opening a new bank account. All banks that make this rule use this card as proof.

When you are trying to apply for a loan PAN card is essential to submit in the document section.

It is one of the major proof of Identity in several financial services as well as applying for something.

PAN Card Download Online Procedure

1.Choose PAN card service Website

When we search for e-PAN Card download online, there are several results shows.

The top of the page income Tax Department provides two options to download e-PAN card with fewer details as well as they will charge below 10 rupees only.

  • NSDL service
  • UTIITSL service

Download service selection based on the website you are using to apply for a PAN card. You need to select for original PAN Card download purpose.

But if you have already a PAN card that is lost, then do you want to original e-PAN card.

Then you have to check your PAN card copy of the backside, there is a service name that is delivering your previous PAN card.

You have to select that web service for your requirement. Now we are going to learn how to fill up the details and a simple verification process.

After you successfully completion of this you will get your e-PAN card download online link from your PAN card service provider.

2.Provide Details For PAN Card Download From Online

Here you have to your particular service website link and get one application form.

In this application form, you need to fill up the following details carefully. Those are listed below

  • Your PAN card number
  • Date of birth
  • GST number( If you have)
  • Captcha number
Download the e-PAN card you have to fill the detection the application form

First enter your pan card number, date of birth as same as in your PAN card.

Next, enter your GST number. It is optional if you have it then enter it. If you don’t have it then leave it blank.

And lastly, enter the captcha number and click on submit button.

Here, a popup will be raised and click on Ok. It is contact information verification.

Now, we are going to verify our contact details with simple steps that are described clearly below the section.

3.Verify Contact Details

Once, you click on the popup button ready to enter into the contact verification page.

On this page, you have to enter your registered mobile number and email address.

We have three choices to verify our contact information through OTP that are listed below.

  • Both email and phone number
  • Through SMS
  • Through email

You have to select whatever way is best for you and here I have to select via SMS to get OTP for verifying my contact details.

Once you get the OTP from the verification page after click on submit button. Here you have to enter OTP in the OTP textbox.

After that click on verification and it shows you are successfully verified your contact information.

Verify your PAN card contact information via OTP

After completion of this page, you have to pay 8.26 rupees for getting the one that will help you to download the e-PAN card originally.

Let’s we are going to learn how to pay for the link.

4.Select Payment Options

After the verification section is completed, the payment gateway page is displayed.

On the payment gateway page apply date and your PAN card number will appear.

Below the PAN card number here you will need to enter your registered mobile number as well as your registered email address.

And then select your comfortable payment gateway and click on submit.

You will complete the payment successfully through net banking or debit card, UPI payments and some others.

Successful completion of payment you will get acknowledgement receipt with acknowledgement number.

You get PAN card application number receipt after payment

The future purpose you just try to print that paper. After a few minutes later you will get the download link from the income Tax web service.

The downloading process clearly explained below.

5.Get Link For Original e-PAN Card Download

Original PAN card download online link will be received in a few hours oo your mobile number via SMS and via email also.

There are two options to download your e PAN card. Some people want to download from SMS and other people likely to download from the email.

Both options are provided with the same quality as your e-PAN card.

Download ePAN card through SMS: at the Payment page if you select to get a link through SMS. Automatically after your payment, you will get a PAN card download online link in your SMS box.

You get an SMS link for PAN card download online

Have to check out your SMS click on the link automatically your virtual PAN card will be downloaded.

Download e-PAN card Via Email: Portal services also provide an email link to your email address.

Here, you have to check your email and click on the link automatically your virtual PAN card will be downloaded to your device.

In virtual e-PAN card PDF paper, you can find your pan card on both sides at the end of the daily paper.

Step By Step Procedure To PAN Card Download Via Online

  • Open Google homepage and search download PAN card.
  • Click on your particular web service link.
  • The next application form will be opened and you have to fill in PAN card number date of birth, registered mobile number, email address and captcha verification.
  • After submitting the application one dialogue box will appear that verifies your contact information and click on the Ok button.
  • Here you have to enter the registered mobile number and email address and lastly select payment method click on submit button.
  • The payment page will be opened and select the payment mode to pay the 8.21 rupees for your original e Pan download PDF.
  • This PDF form automatically sends it to your email address and your phone number from your PAN card service.
  • Click on your download link for download you will have PDF paper with a lock.

What Is e-PAN Card?

Some PAN card download online look like same as the original card. The is called an e-PAN card that is Virtually appearing online and you can download it print it for your financial requirements.

Generally, e-PAN card service gets from either NSDL and UTIITSL postal service. It shows pAN cardholders detailed information.

The information that can appear on your virtual e-PAN card is clearly shown.

  • Permanent account number(PAN)
  • Account holder full name
  • Account holder father name
  • PAN cardholder date of birth
  • Digital signature
  • QR code
You virtual PAN card download from online link

Keep in mind that one person who has more than one pan card leads to get find by ten thousand rupees from the income tax department. Because that is illegal.

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