Low Carb Chicken Recipes You’ve Never Tried

We are gathering some crispy and delicious low carb chicken recipes for choosing your favorite one. Chicken is one of the best high protein food and low in carbohydrates.

For people who are following a low-carb diet plan and keto diet plan, these recipes are a wonderful opportunity to include in your daily routine.

Especially, these recipes are a combination of vegetables and nonvegetarian foods.

If you want to decrease cravings and other complications in your diet plan, you have to include ingredients that contain the following properties.

  • Low in carbohydrates
  • High in healthy fats
  • High in fiber
  • All essential nutrition

Fiber and some other nutritional values do not come from chicken, that’s why you need to add a few vegetables.

These vegetables perfectly help you to provide fiber and minerals.

Fiber content is most important for preventing constipation, healthy digestive system, provide the fullness of feeling longer time.

Now I think you are understanding the importance of fiber and include the right kind of vegetables in chicken recipes.

These vegetables not only provide nutrition but they can give a delicious and wonderful look to your recipes.

Is chicken is good for keto or low carb diet?

Yes, surely good for your diet plans because chicken is always low in carbohydrates.

Especially, chicken breast without skin by adding fats makes your recipes keto-friendly.

So, chicken recipes don’t affect your metabolism and it is based on other ingredients also.

Now let’s start the list of chicken recipes

Delicious Low Carb Chicken Recipes List

Chicken recipes are always crisp and savory for low-carb dieters as well as ketogenic dieters. It is very low in carbs with high protein along with added fat.

If you want to eat chicken recipes then you try to buy chicken pieces skinless to help you to make your recipe more friendly.

Below we are collecting some delicious and healthy chicken recipes that are prepared with added fat and low carb vegetables that make your low carb and ketogenic means perfect.

Top low carb chicken recipes for losing weight in the low carb diet plan.
Low Carb Chicken Recipe

There are several chicken recipes available but most of them exactly help you to lose weight without cravings, satisfaction.

That’s why,

We are here to help you to keep stay in the low-carb diet with the kind of recipes gathered from already succeeded people. And these recipes are versatile they you eat at breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well.

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I will give you one suggestion for low carb diet people, don’t ignore the healthy low carb vegetables in your chicken recipe.

Why because,

When chicken recipes come with tasty flavors and delicious looks make you feel more satisfied and happy to include them in your diet.

When you add low-carb healthy vegetables to the chicken recipe then you will get the most important daily required micronutrients, vitamins from your diet. It is one of the best advantages of wonderful recipes.

In our guidance, I am going to list out some of the perfect chicken recipes, skillet, and breast with boneless recipes.

Additionally, here you are going to learn about what makes your chicken recipes are low carbohydrate?

It is very important to know before adding recipes into your diet plan.

Now, we are ready to check out our list of creamy and tasty recipes.

Low Carb Chicken Recipes

1.Greek Chicken Bowls

These Greek chicken bowls recipe very low in carbs
Recipe Source: Purewow.com

Greek chicken bowls always likely to include in your diet. Because it is prepared with simple and healthy ingredients like boneless chicken, lemon, orange, cucumber, tomato, olive oil, cheese, red onions, and some other ingredients.

Total carbohydrates = 17 grams

And it is one of the best healthy choices to eat at lunch and dinner as well and takes less than 1 hour for recipe preparation.

2.Bruschetta Chicken Recipe

This low carb chicken recipe is best for low carb dieters
Recipe Source: Purewow.com

You know this recipe is a very low in carbohydrates option to include in your low carb and keto diet plans.

Total carbohydrates = 6 grams

And it is prepared with boneless skinless chicken breast, tomato, onions, garlic cloves, basil leaves, cheese, black pepper.

Bruschetta chicken recipe is a very good choice to eat at breakfast, lunch as well as dinner. And total preparation time is 45 minutes that’s why busy life people very likely to include this kind of recipe.

3.Low Carb Chicken Divan

Divan chicken recipe perfectly eligible to include in your diet
Recipe Source: Purewow.com

Chicken divan recipe gives creamy, cheesy, broccoli texture and it looks so beautiful and contributes less number of carbs.

And it is prepared with healthy low carb friendly ingredients like poached chicken, steamed broccoli, cheddar cheese, and cream sauce.

Total carbohydrates = 6 grams

Total preparation time 50 minutes and provide amazing flavors and taste.

This kind of recipe helps you to lose weight as well as burn belly fat naturally without interruptions in your diet journey.

4.Black pepper chicken

Black pepper chicken is prepared for low carb diet.
Recipe Source: Purewow.com

This kind of recipe is the best one in our list of chicken recipes because it is prepared with very simple ingredients and a favorite for everyone people who want to lose with lightweight recipes.

Total carbohydrates = 17 grams

When you try to eat the black pepper chicken recipe you feel little spiciness yet completely satisfying your hunger levels.

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Low Carb Chicken Skillet Recipes

5.Thai Coconut Curry Chicken

Coconut chicken low carb recipe wonderful choice for keto and low carb diet
Recipe Source: Verywellfit.com

Thai chicken curry prepared with coconut and will help you to get more protein with low carbohydrates. Also, you get more satisfaction after eating this recipe and give crunchy.

Total carbohydrates = 9 grams

This skillet chicken recipe prepared with chicken thighs( boneless, skinless), onion, coconut oil, coconut milk, green beans, chili Peppers.

And also it takes 30 minutes for preparation it will surely make you feel more satisfaction along with the good quantity of protein.

6.Low Carb Chicken Marsala

This low carb chicken recipe is specially prepared by marsala wine
Recipe Source: Verywellfit.com

If you like to include marsala wine in low carb chicken recipe then you get some amazing flavors and easy to make.

Total carbohydrates = 4 grams

And it is very popular around the world especially in America and it gives a large quantity of protein as well.

Remember that high protein vegetarian meals always help you to lose weight with the help of hunger levels reduction.

Chicken marsala is prepared with chicken breast without skin and bones, medium onion, marsala wine.

7.Chicken Salad With Apple And Bacon

This low carb chicken recipe contains fiber and protein as well
Recipe Source: Verywellfit.com

Apple and bacon chicken skillet recipe is an exact combination of apple slices and bacon pieces.

These both ingredients make your recipe looks delicious and it is an excellent option for low carb and keto diet plans for easy weight loss.

Total carbohydrates = 27 grams

This amazing recipe will surely help you to control your hunger for a longer period with the help of good protein content.

And it is prepared with chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, apple, blue cheese, bacon pieces, and few other ingredients.

8.Chicken Fajitas

Fajitas chicken skillet recipe best option for low carb diet plan for weight loss
Recipe Source: Verywellfit.com

Fajitas are generally made in the skillet and this wrap chicken is very easy to carry anywhere as well as eat anytime.

It provides fewer carbohydrates and prepares his time is 30 minutes only. That’s why it is very easy to make and incorporate into your diet.

Total carbohydrates = 5 grams

Chicken fajitas recipe prepared with some simple ingredients like boneless chicken, medium onion, lime, soya sauce, and chili powder.

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Low Carb And Keto Diet Recipes

9.Chicken Cacciatore(Slow-Cooker)

This chicken low carb recipe gives you great satisfaction
Recipe Source:delish.com

This recipe is special because it takes more time to ready but preparation takes 10 minutes only.

For people who are having spare time to make their chicken recipes then this is the best preference to try in your home.

And it provides low carbs that’s why this is keto as well as low carb diet-friendly.

This recipe is prepared with a lot of spices and mushrooms, chicken thighs. It provides a little bit of spicy flavor and crispy.

10.Butternut Squash soup(Crockpot)

This low carb chicken soup prepared with the best vegetables
Recipe Source:delish.com

This delightful chicken crockpot recipe just contains 15 grams of total carbohydrates only.

And it is the best choice for eating in the morning and dinner time help you to get more satisfaction.

Crockpot soup is prepared with butternut squash, 1 medium onion, carrot, garlic cloves, chicken broth, and other few ingredients.

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How To Makes Low Carb Chicken Recipes Perfectly

Chicken with low carb vegetables helps you make your recipes eligible for a low carb diet.

You know chicken recipes are not only made with chicken they also need some other ingredients to prepare flavorful and crispy recipes.

Eating the chicken on a low carb diet can’t contribute all essential vitamins and minerals. Most importantly fiber is very crucial to include in low carb diet as well as keto diet plans.

Why because,

Fiber is an essential nutrient that can provide unbelievable support in the low-carb diet.

It gives exceptional health benefits like keeping your digestive system healthy, promotes weight loss by suppressing your appetite, support in fat burning, and more.

When you are trying to prepare low carb chicken recipes with the help of low carbohydrate vegetables help you to access all required vitamins and minerals to maintain healthy functionality of your body.


I hope our low carb chicken recipe on India as well as the UK. I think these recipe ideas you likely to include in your diet plan.

Because they are compiled from already succeeded people in the low carb diet and keto diet.

If you want to try chicken recipes with vegetables then you need to find low carbohydrate as well as high in fiber, protein.

Including healthy vegetables in your chicken recipes help you to get all essential nutrition for your body to maintain the functionality of your body.

While following any diet plan physical activities are essential to perform daily.

Why because,

Physical workouts assist you to burn calories as well as stay fit. This way you can achieve your goal while following any weight loss diet plan.

These recipes tremendous support in the day and they can easily control your appetite levels along with fulfillment feelings in your mind.

If you have any health issues regarding chicken-related recipes talk with your doctor for taking important precautions him.

Do this before trying the low carb and keto diet plan. If you like this article then try to share it with your friends and family.

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