Intermittent Fasting Meal Plan: Ultimate Guide Lines

A step by step guide on intermittent fasting meal plan to ease your journey for losing weight. Customise your diet plan what you love to eat?

You just need to include foods that are especially high in protein, fibre, vitamins. These Kind of foods help you to lose weight fast plus gaining lean muscle mass.

It is very popular around the world due to the many health benefits regarding health and fitness.

When you are in fasting your body needs some energy to do physical activities, that energy comes from stored fats.

Moreover, you will get health benefits like healthy immunity, improve organs functionality, reduce wanted toxins from your body and promote your health.

What is intermittent fasting?

Intermittent fasting is a separate day with eating and fasting periods of patterns.

Naturally, we are all you fasting every day while sleeping this is the simple thing that happens in everyone’s life.

That is the same as intermittent fasting we just extend the fasting duration a little bit more. An intermittent fasting diet follows by preparing a simple meal plan.

Nowadays this type of diet plan trending in health and fitness followers around the world.

Intermittent fasting meal plan for losing weight and fat burning

In this diet plan, we can try to restrict calories consumption to get benefits like weight loss, fat burning, loss of belly fat, boost immunity, heart health and more.

There are no restrictions on which foods you eat, drink. And generally four Types of plan in intermediate fasting.

Basic plan
Alternative day

The most popular fasting is the 16/8 and calories restriction plan.

How To Schedule Meal Plan When You Are Following Intermittent Fasting

If you are truly interested to follow fasting for losing weight, particularly you are a fresher of intermittent fasting.

This is the easiest eating plan than other eating plans. once you enter into intermittent fasting within a short freedom time you may feel fuller and restrict the calories as well.

Here we are planning the meals few important different ways to eat in intermittent fasting. We differentiate them into three levels of plans like beginner, intermediate, advance plus Indian foods customizations.

These meal plans provide a healthy combination of nutrients are help you to give sufficient energy in the intermittent fasting journey. People who have some specific food tolerances or allergic then try to avoid those foods.

Keep in mind intermittent fasting not exactly a calorie-restricted diet plan number of calories depends on a person calorie needs.

Let’s drive into the meal plan levels.

1.Intermittent Fasting Basic Meal Plan

If you are a beginner of intermittent fasting 8 hours of eating out of 24 hours is a healthy way to start. 16 hours of fasting per day is very easy to follow and eating time is 8 a.m to 6 p.m great way to adapt your dietary plans.

When I start this, in my mind doubts are Rising like how many meals I can eat during 8 hours of eating?, type of foods I need to include?, how much quantity of food I need to eat?

In this circumstance, I got solutions for these from experts. They said that in fasting at the time of 8 hours of eating there is no Limited number of meals as well as you can also eat anything you want.

I decided to prepare an intermittent fasting meal plan as a beginner. I don’t want to bother my tummy initially.

That’s why,

I just try to include green Leaves, smoothies, meats, healthy fat foods, high fibre fruits, vegetables, protein foods into my meal plan.

These foods are very supportive during fasting that kind of meal plans share here to help beginners.

These meal plans help you to detox your body. Now let’s check out the meal plan.

Breakfast: Healthy green smoothie

Intermittent fasting day start with greens smoothies is an excellent option to detoxify my body.

Green smoothie can remove heavy metals, provide essential nutrients, an excellent number of calories, support weight loss.

Beginner eating timings 8 a.m to 6:00 p.m is a healthy way to start intermittent fasting it is very easy to follow.

Smoothie benefits depend on the combination of ingredients we use. Here we are providing one green smoothie that helped me in my start.


  • Baby spinach
  • Peanut butter 2 tablespoons
  • Half cup of almond milk
  • Frozen banana (provides consistent taste)
  • 50 grams of hemp seeds

This is a great breakfast recipe that provides wonderful support in weight loss goals and delicious for everyone.

Start your day in a nutritious way that is perfect for the intermittent fasting meal plan. You know there no magical foods for weight loss and fat burning.

I just like to focus on whole green foods that contain weight-loss-friendly nutrients.

The above ingredients contain huge fibre, protein, vitamin C, healthy calories. With the help of these nutrients, this breakfast smoothie gives fullness, energy, protein.

First, take daal ingredients together and put them into blender one by one. After blending them in medium speed and enjoy a delicious green smoothie.


My lunch starts at noon and it is prepared with chicken salad, roti, palak paneer, grass feed liver burgers, dark leaves vegetables.

especially vegetable leaves give a delicious taste as well as an amazing look to my lunch recipes.

I always focus on fibre rich, protein-rich, B vitamins foods for full fill my body needs and creates weight loss environment.


Snack time I always include high fibre fruits sugar content plus probiotic foods.

Probiotic food like yoghurt, banana, apple. These are very good for maintaining the stomach health.

Fibre-rich foods always help you to burn fat and provide the fullness of feeling.

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When I try to prepare intermittent fasting meal plan as a beginner getting confused number of times.

After talking with the experts they suggest me to include foods like fruits, green Leaves vegetable salads, Salman fish, cauliflower rice.

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2.Moderate Intermittent Fasting Meal Plan

After successful completion of beginner level of fasting now I am is eligible to follow moderate level.

In this plan, we are going to fasting about 18 hours per 24 hours of period time. And my eating will start from 12 p.m to 6 p.m.

Beginner level experience gives me the ability to skip breakfast without cravings. If you are struggling with skipping breakfast then try to replace e with zero-calorie liquid like lemon tea, guava leaves tea.

My first meal of the day starts with protein foods with good fibre content.

First Meal: 12 p.m

Fatless meat burgers, roti, brown rice, green leaves, finger millet rice, chicken salads.

Snack: 3 p.m

I like to include protein-rich snacks such as nuts, seeds, yoghurt, berries, high Vitamin C foods.

Dinner: 6 p.m

Salman fish, fresh vegetables, brown rice, paneer.

3.Advanced: Calorie Restriction Meal Plan

In a calorie restriction plan, you don’t consume more than 700 calories 2 days per week.

Two days calorie reduction also gives the same type of health benefits as fasting days.

But you have to focus on non-fasting five days of the week. You just try to eat healthy fats, meats, vegetables, grains, fruits, herbal teas.

On calorie restriction days you have to eat smaller meals throughout the day. To achieve this I always try to include foods low in calories, high fibre fruits, high low-fat foods, high protein vegetarian meals.

Moreover, you can also plan your foods to get weight loss-friendly benefits.

4.Alternative Day Fasting

This is the final level of the intermittent fasting meal plan. After successful execution of the advanced fasting level.

You are ready to follow alternative today fasting. For this plan, you have to fast every alternative day of the week.

None fasting days, you need to eat healthy fat foods, non-fat meat, vegetables, green leaves, fruits, Salman fish, sugarless smoothies.

Every fasting day you have to drink enough water to stay hydrated and drink only zero-calorie liquids like lemon water, guava leaves tea, herbal teas.

Monday: Non-fat meals, healthy fat foods, green vegetables, high fibre fruits, herbal teas.
Tuesday: Fasting day
Wednesday: Non-fat meals, healthy fat foods, green vegetables, high fibre fruits, herbal teas.
Thursday: Fasting day
Friday: Non-fat meals, healthy fat foods, green vegetables, high fibre fruits, herbal teas.
Saturday: Fasting day
Sunday: Non-fat meals, healthy fat foods, green vegetables, high fibre fruits, herbal teas.

With the help of this guidance, you should know how to prepare meals to start an intermittent fasting meal plan successfully.

At the initial stages of fasting, you feel very difficult to follow. But when you try to follow this diet consistently a few days later your body feels very easy to follow.

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