How To Eat Anjeer (Fig) To Get Benefits Know Side Effects

How to eat anjeer (fig)?

Some people don’t know about how to consume anjeer to get all of the nutrients from this fruit.

Presently this fruit trending around the world because of it’s healing properties and outstanding health benefits.

You have to learn the healthiest way of eating anjeer can perfectly provide numerous health benefits

That are weight loss, energy booster, prevent constipation, treat anaemia, lung diseases, promote healthy sleep and much more.

These benefits comes from this wonderful fruit because,

it is one of the best fruit which is fully packed with all essential nutritional supplements.

It contains rich amounts of dietary fiber, energy, potassium, calcium, B vitamins as well as good quantity of natural sugars.

This ancient fruit consumed in two ways that are

fresh anjeers
And dried form available in grocery stores.

In our guidance we cover healthiest ways to eat anjeer, detailed nutritional information, health advantages, side effects.

And much more important information described.

Anjeer fruit is an asian spices of flowering plant in the mulberry family.

This fruit common name is fig fruit and it is grown in various regions such as middle East, western asian countries.

It has been consumed by so many people since ancient times.

Now this amazing fruit widely consumed around the world due to it’s healthy quantity of nutrients.

The primary reason behind the including of anjeer for weight loss purpose, reduce constipation.

Along with overall health longllife.

If if you want to get these crucial benefits then

you just need to consume perfect time in your day.

Eating the two anjeer fruits before half an hour of the breakfast help you to consume less amount of calories along with powerful protection.

Now you are understand about the importance of anjeer and it’s nutritional benefits.

Here we are providing two best methods for eating anjeer

That may help you to receive maximum number of nutrients.

How To Eat Anjeer To Get Maximum Benefits

Most of the people eating the anjeer (or) fig fruit after plucked from the trees.

To eat anjeer (fig)

Generally, fresh anjeer is not easy to get from the market.

These are almost available in the form of dried.

Anjeer is fully loaded weight powerful nutrients that are help you to improve the functionality of the body.

If you are looking for get maximum number of health benefits from this fruit you always try to choose dried anjeers.

This fruit normally consumed in various forms like as dried, fresh anjeer flesh, juices, smoothies, salad along with other foods.

So many people doubt about milk and anjeer combination.

is it safe to eat the anjeer with milk?

Yes, surely consume dried anjeer with milk help you to improve digestion and prevent constipation.

But you need to cut the dried anjeer into smaller pieces that are mixed in the luke warm milk.

If you drink in this way shipping of milk very easy to consume.

Here, raises one question in our minds that is

How many anjeer eat daily?

The daily consumption of anjeer is 2 to 3 are sufficient and it is proven by several studies.

Ecspecially, some of the womens who consumed high fiber fruits that may help prevent breast diseases and promote weight loss.

While cultivating the anjeer fruits the farmers uses number of pesticides for growth.

When you try to eat them, you just need to clean them with fresh salt water benefit to reduce toxins on anjeer.

Here we are collecting 2 best methods that are enable you to absorb maximum number of nutrients.

Remember that if you get the maximum nutrients from any food provides that much number of health benefits for you.

Now let’s get into anjeer eating methods

1.Cut And Scoop With Fresh Anjeer

In this method, we are going to use two tools that are knife and spoon.

And this method is used for only fresh anjeers that are actually consumed in the form of juicing, smoothies, salads.

Just follow these steps carefully to remove flesh of fresh anjeer.

First take 3 fresh anjeers and wash them with fresh water leave them until they gets dry.

Next, use the knife to cut the anjeer into two pieces same as in the below picture.

How to eat anjeer

And finally bring the spoon for remove the flesh of anjeer.

At the time of use spoon for scoop.

Initially, insert the spoon at the end of flesh scoop around the anjeer fruit slice.

Do this process for all the remaining anjeer slices.

And take them into the bowel or add to your favourite recipes and enjoy the flavor of the anjeer.

But in this method you may lose some number of nutrients because anjeer skin also contains some beneficial nutrients.

2.Dried Anjeer Method

Mostly anjeer fruits available in dried form and it is great idea to consume as a dried.

People who are looking for maximum number of nutrients from this fruit dried form method is best one.

Why because,

Anjeer skin also provides good quantity of dietary fiber and other nutrients.

If you consume in dried form is healthiest way to get all the benefits of this fruit.

Generally, dried anjeers consumed in several ways few of them are listed below

  • Drink with milk
  • Eat as raw
  • Add into smoothies
  • Include juices for weight loss
  • In salads

When you eat this fruit as a raw for your each bite of seeds gives crunchy feel and gives delicious taste as well.

Anjeer Nutritional Information

Let’s talk about the nutritional supplements of anjeer and why we need to eat them?

Anjeer fruit or fig contains rich amount of calories, dietary fiber, potassium and healthy levels of B vitamins, minerals.

That’s why this fruit provides powerful antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties and other beneficial support.

nutrition pic

Benefits Of Anjeer

Anjeer benefits uncountable because it almost contains all nutrients in one fruit.

It is not possible in other foods in the world.

So, people who suffer from extra weight, constipation, sleep disorders and protection against infections.

Here, we are providing some major health advantages of anjeer.

1.Promote Weight Loss

If you eating any form of anjeer that provides great amount of dietary fiber, less number of carbohydrates and calories.

This combination help you to reduce the high calorie intake by providing the fullness of feeling for long duration.

If you want to speed up the weight loss process you just need to eat them before breakfast.

Then your body gets required amount of fiber along with all crucial nutrients that are need for proper functionality of your body.

2.Prevent constipation

Anjeer naturally act as laxative due to it’s huge quantity of fiber content.

If you include this fruit as a part of your diet actually reduce the constipation.

How it’s done

Yes, it’s possible to prevent constipation by providing softness to the hard stool.

It makes you digestion food move smoothly in the intestines.

3.Promotes Healthy Sleep

Anjeer promotes for releaseof two important hormones that hormones help you to get healthy sleep on night time.

The hormones are malotonin and serotonin, which can reduce the anxiety, stress and control sleep wake cycle.

Including this fruit in your diet plan that may help you to get healthy sleep.

Perfect sleep is essential to restore the body organs and enhance body functionality.

4.Treat Anaemia

So many number of people especially womens age between 16 to 50 around the world suffer from anaemia problem.

Due to iron deficiency in their diet.

Anjeer contains good amount of iron, protein and B vitamins increases the hemoglobin cells in the blood.

Automatically blood cells count increased to natural level.

Keep in mind that hemoglobin very crucial to transfer the oxygen to the body cells.

According to several studies regular consumption of anjeer or fig can increases the red blood cells count.

5.Reduce Hair Loss

Fig or anjeer pack with vitamin E and vitamin K crucial components to maintain shine of hair and stop hair loss.

This fruit oil useful for several number of scalp issues with their nutritive and antioxidants.

If you want to stop hair fall apply the anjeer oil on your scalp.

The regular practice of this process improve the growth of hair and maintain healthy condition.

6.Potent Agent Against Lung Diseases

Anjeer work as a excellent remedy for cold and cough.

If you drink fresh anjeer juice that can able to eliminate or reduce the production of excess muscus in the throat.

In this way treat the soar throat and strengthen the breathing pipe.

That’s why, you need to eat anjeer on the regular basis for healing the throat infections related to the lung diseases.

7.Improve Bones Strength

Anjeer contains good quantity of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium.

This important nutrients play crucial role in building of strong bones as well as maintain the functionality of the bones.

Side Effects

Some people allergic to different types of fruits. If you are allergic to anjeer then you try to avoid them.

Generally, eat anjeer for free motion but you remember that excess consumption of this fruit leads to daiherria.

Because this fruit is naturally contains laxative nature due to it’s high fiber.

People who are using blood thinning medicines before consuming the anjeer you need to contact your doctor to get precautions.

Anjeer’s contains blood thinning nature so, people stop the consuming of this fruit before surgery and after surgery.

This fruit lowers the blood sugar level so, people who taking medicines for reduce blood sugar then you need to contact your doctor.

Bottom Line

I hope you learn the how to eat anjeer? with healthful methods may be used to get maximum number nutrients from this fruit.

People who are facing digestive issues such as constipation, intestinal issues may reduce effectively with this amazing fruit.

Another best benefit of anjeer fruit is weight loss by suppressing the appetite levels the help of huge amount of dietary fiber.

While following any diet plan please contact your doctor and take some tests according to your diet plan.

Based on your test results doctor gives precautions and valuable tips to follow your diet plan.

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