10 Home Remedies To Treat Mouth Ulcers With In 2 Days

Try home remedies to get rid of mouth ulcers extremely beneficial and understand the cause of ulcers.

In our guidelines, we try some potent and reasonable remedies like turmeric powder, garlic, honey, ghee and others for treat mouth ulcers.

And you need to know about how to use home remedies.

First, we need to learn the most common causes of mouth ulcers.

Mouth ulcers commonly caused by
following factors and you consider the causes.

Based on inflammation causes we discover what remedies and supplements needed.

Although mouth cracks deliver pain and other irritating issues.

  • vitamins, nutrition deficiency
  • Due to family history
  • Digestive system issues such as constipation, gastritis, stomach gases.
  • Talking heavily
  • Excess heat in the body
  • Some bad habits

How Home Remedies Cures The Mouth Ulcers Effectively?

Here, we are delivering some powerful home remedies to cure the mouth cracks.

Generally according to the ayurveda treatments home remedies contains antibacterial, anti inflammatory, bacteria killing nature, antioxidants find other important nutrients.

The above properties actually help you to reduce the mouth ulcer within 2 days.

And you must remember that mouth ulcer not dangerous but it gives some painful effects, discomfort in the mouth.

Once you use the remedies at the time you get instant relief from pain and inflammation.

List Of Home Remedies For Mouth Ulcers

Home remedies for mouth ulcers

Our guidance, we are providing powerful remedies to get rid of ulcers.

They can also provide good quantity of nutrition values, vitamins.


Garlic contains allicin that may help your cure cracks in the mouth naturally and gives relief from pain.

But this remedy possess a spicy taste.

In Indian ayurveda treatments used garlic as ingredients to boost immunity system.

First take 2 garlic buds grind them little bit then rub it on mouth ulcer.

Do this for 2 to 3 times a days gives effective results.

2.Turmeric With Salt

Turmeric is a powerful spice for destroy infections, inflammation and gives thurmotic effect.

It contains antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties that really help you to fight against lot of infections.

When you get mouth ulcers then you have to use turmeric powder and salt combination as a paste for brushing.

This process help you to treat inflammation in the mouth but it gives little bit painful feel at the time.

Although you don’t frighten about that because this combination of home remedy treat the ulcers in the mouth effectively.

As well as it provides clean and freshness in the mouth in the same time.

Several studies conducted on turmeric that gives excellent health protection against lot of bacterial infections.

3.Salt Water

Saltwater can have a ability to fight aganist germs and bacterial infections that are causing mouth ulcers.

When I face mouth inflammation at the time my grandparents suggest gargling saltwater three times a day.

When I try this remedy I get relief from pain as well as my mouth inflammation reduced in a short period of time.

And you must remember that you try this remedy for mouth ulcer don’t swallow the saltwater remedy.

4.Guava Leaves

Guava leaves are excellent in antibacterial properties and other medicinal uses.

If you want to treat mouth inflammation with the help of guava leaves.

First take 2 to 3 fresh guava leaves from your garden and wash them with fresh water.

After that you just chewing the leaves and your mouth filled with layer.

That layer create protection from further damage and gives ulcer healing environment in your mouth.

Do this 2 times per day may really help you reduce ulcers in your mouth.

5.Tulasi Leaves

This herbal leaves contains antibacterial and infection killing properties.

If you want to get rid of mouth ulcer along with other health benefits, you just chewing four leaves and hold it for 5 minutes.

After 5 minutes later drink glass of water and swallow it totally.

Do this 2 to 3 times per day help you to cure mouth inflammation as well as clean your digestive system from infections.

6.Organic honey

Honey is a powerhouse of antioxidants, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

And also it contains beneficial nutrition values.

Take 2 to 3 tablespoons of raw honey and mix with warm water.

You hold the honey water about 2 minutes in your mouth after that swallow it.

Drink this remedy on your empty stomach at morning time actually give you effective results for mouth ulcer as well as clean the intestines.

This Honey home remedy is one of the wonderful ingredient in the ayurveda medicines.

We gathered home remedies for mouth ulcers from Indian Ayurveda treatments.

7.Neem Leaves

So many people don’t know about neem leaves but in India number of people use the neem stick as a toothbrush.

Because neem leaves contain the amazing quality of antibacterial properties, thurmotic effects.

If you want to treat the infections in the mouth and your stomach please try to chew the three fresh leaves in the morning time.

You try to do this morning time that may be help you to treat the inflammation by kill the bacterias.


Yes it’s true natural ghee has ability to cure the mouth ulcer with this simple home remedy.

First take little bit of ghee with your fingers and rub it on ulcer and leave it for 10 minutes.

Do this procedure at least one time per day may help you to lower the swelling of the ulcer.

Because natural ghee contains moisture nature as well as antibacterial properties.

Specially in India, so many people include this remedy to the various recipes for get delicious taste and flavours.

And also it gives numerous health benefits your body.

9.Palm Leaves

In Indian villages people who are facing mouth ulcers they prefer chewing palm leaves.

After chewing the palm leaves remedy it creates strong protection in all over mouth.

This kind of nature help you to get rid of mouth and tongue inflammation in a quick time.

Because palm leaves excellent in antibacterial properties.

It is achieved by me personally, why because once I got mouth ulcer. At the time one old farmer prescribed this herb leaves.

After that I got relief from inflammation at the moment I Just Wonder about the palm leaves.

Generally, palm leaves used for so many decorations and designs.

And you must remember that you don’t swallow the chewing leaves mixture.

10.Cloves Buds

Clove buds perform excellent in the treatment of any type of ulcers and also provides health beneficial nutrients.

But this remedy gives some spicy sensation in your mouth.

Don’t worry about that

That spicy behavior of the cloves actually help you to cure and prevent the ulcers.

You just need to take one clove bud and place it in your month for 5 minutes.

It is also reduce the digestive system related issues and killing the bacterias very effectively.

If Mouth Ulcers Caused By Vitamin Deficiency, What We Do For This?

Mouth ulcers are caused by vitamin B12, iron, and some other unknown reasons.

First, consult your family doctor if the mouth ulcers not cured by home remedies.

The ulcers caused by vitamin deficiency then your doctor prescribe the vitamin supplements.

Once your body balances the vitamin deficiency with the support of supplements your inflamed mouth automatically returns to the normal healthy body.

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