Top 12 High Protein Vegetarian Foods To Add Your Diet

High protein vegetarian foods are really hard find for people who are vegetarians. Protein sources important to build lean muscle and especially while getting age.

Protein is very important for build muscle strength after post workout and maintain healthy weight.

Every day you need to include some reasonable portion of protein from your food sources.

Don’t worry there is other sources of protein foods like dairy products yoghurt and milk are wonderful food of protein as well as also as great source of protein.

If you want to go further away from animal food. Legumes the beans Quinoa is a great source of protein soya is fabulous food of protein.

And it is very commonly substituted into casseroles and meals as the protein food for those recipes.

So in grocery section and the refrigerator section I think you are going to find a lot of foods the are tofu based proteins as a replacement are not replacements but you can find best non animal protein.

Significance Of High Protein Vegetarian Foods

Did you know that tofu is most commonly replacing chicken, beef and pork in our many different types of casseroles. And it’s a flavour natural food.

It tends to take on the flavour of the food that is being prepared by us.

And you know it is also cholesterol free so it does make it a good source of protein. For our people who are trying to keep cholesterol as well as maintain their weight along with perfect muscle strength today help of high protein vegetarian foods.

Did you know after the age of 30 plus muscles starts losing mass and fitness. Also that’s why for that protein is very crucial to consume.

And your daily basis to be strong and healthy muscles those who are vegetarians.

Almost the vegetarian people struggle to get vegetarian foods that are high in protein content.

So here you will surely grab some amazing vegetarian foods To help you reach your weight loss goals and fitness.

I think you already know about protein importantance to manage healthy lifestyle. And it takes responsibility to repair the damage body tissues, recover from injuries, fat burning as body building.

Top High Protein Vegetarian Foods List

Proteins are different types such as globular, membrane, and fibrous. Our body living cell needs some amount of protein from your food.

List of high protein vegetarian foods

So,everyone try to include high protein foods to be active in the day.

Here, we gathered high protein vegetarian sources such as lentils, chickpeas, Greek yogurt peanut butter. And more good healthiest foods that are actually made your choice vegetarian foods in your diet.

High protein vegetarian foods

Protein takes little bit of time to digest and fiber content that reduces your hunger levels help you to burn fat along with lot of health benefits. Moreover human body use amino acids to build new living cells.

You know plant based protein foods gives good amounts of nutritional values and tremendous health benefits.

The following health benefits such as muscle strength, reduce high-calorie intake, improve your body functionality and easy recovery from the injuries.

Vegetarian foods include in your diet plan easily but high protein foods add into our diet bit difficult. However in our guide you get some quality protein foods that actually comes witth daily essential nutrients along health benefits like

  • Helps in weight loss and control
  • To build strong muscles and bones strength
  • Stomach fat burning
  • Active lifestyle
  • Control your hunger levels


Chickpea is rich in protein 19g fiber vitamins and Minerals per 100 grams.

And they provide many number of health benefits such as weight loss manage weight to improve digestion system and protect against several the serious.

Chickpeas are excellent replacement for vegetarians to get sufficient protein from their diets.

So, high amount of protein and fibre which may help you to lose weight specially fibre keep your cravings for longer period of time.

According to study by eating chickpeas automatically your appetite modified that may lead to weight loss along with strong muscle strength.


Lentils are excellent sources of protein and good in folate, iron as well as low in calories.

Normally lentils are available different types colours that are green, black, yellow, red, brown all of them are high in protein.

These are good replacement for meat and they provide same quantity of protein in the meat.

A half cup of cooked lentils provides 12 grams of protein with these high protein vegetarian food you are surely get enough protein throughout of the day.

This plant based protein food help you to reduce the risk of heart diseases, weight loss from a new study found.

If you can add lentils to your weight loss diet plan help you to promote weight loss environment. It’s high content of protein and fibre.

3.Plain Greek Yogurt

plain yogurt is a wonderful source of protein and made with whole milk.

It provides some amazing benefits such as maintain healthy digestive system weight control and strong born density with their great amount of nutrients.

This vegetarian food is rich in calcium and protein that helps burn fat to promote weight loss environment.

Several studies suggest that if you include yoghurt in your diet that may help you to get effective health benefits.

Yoghurt provide healthy bacteria that bacteria lives in the digestive gut, unary tract and vagina to make them healthy specially in the woman.


Flax seeds also called flax (or) linseed and it is cultivated in cooler regions in the world.

They are excellent source of vegetarian based protein and fibre with the amino acids.

And it is high in protein (18g), (27g) of fibre as well as great source of magnesium, calcium, potassium and sodium.

Due to high amount of vegetarian protein and fibre provides numerous health benefits such as weight loss by suppressing appetite and reduce constipation as well.

Some other benefits like stomach fat burning, anti-estrogenic, increase skin moisture, muscle building, low calorie intake and removes free radicals from our body.

The important role of seeds is by providing the plenty of fibre. And protein help you to burn fat and improve your digestive system.

5.Boiled Egg White

100 grams of boil eggs contains 13 grams of protein but with yellow egg gives 373 milligrams of cholesterol.

If you have cholesterol problem just obey that yellow egg. nd remaining white egg provides only 77 calories, low amount of carbs.

They are also excellent source of lean protein, and packed with all essential nutrients.

So, their low calories and protein help to loose weight when you try to eat them as snacks.

I think most of the people treat the boil eggs as a healthy high protein food to build muscle, infection control and improve immunity along with body fitness

6.Mung Beans

Mung beans have alternative names known as moong and they are plant-based high vegetarian protein food.

Boiled mung beans contains 7 grams of protein.They are low calories. That’s why they are best protein food for weight loss people, vegan dieters.

These beans contains excellent protein food and rich in amino acids and essential vitamins minerals along with good amount of fibre.

So these beans are fully packed with healthy nutrients antioxidants may help you to reduce diseases such as heart stroke, cholesterol levels, blood pressure.

Due to rich fibre content help you to suppress your appetite for long time. This reason help you to consume less calories thought of the day.


Hazelnuts are excellent source of protein 15 grams and dietary fibre 10 grams along with good amount of potassium 680 mg.

But beware of high amount of calories makes you consume more calories you must remember that.

However, hazelnuts are gives number of health benefits such as protect your heart, muscle building, bone and digestive system health.

8.Cottage Cheese Nonfat

Cottage cheese protein

100 grams of cottage cheese nonfat provides 10g protein and delivers probiotics along with calcium.

It is also power house of nutrients such as vitamins along with nutrients.

A good amount of calcium and protein improve your muscles and bones healthy.

If you want to get more protein, you go with cottage cheese. It gives sufficient amount of protein as well as and number of nutritional values.

When it comes to weight loss no fat cottage cheese fulfill your needs.


Tofu vegetarian protein

Tofu is a combination of soya milk and curd. 100 grams of tofu provides (8g) of protein and good source of potassium 121 mg along with calcium and iron.

It is excellent source of protein with all amino acids.

And you know tofu provides all nutritional values and numerous health benefits such muscle building bone strength weight management and more.

Some doctors suggest that womens consume tofu less due to it’s week hormonal effects.

Coming to weight loss tofu can be the best protein vegetarian food due to its high protein.

And low calorie contents as well as lower in carbohydrates help promote weight loss and active lifestyle.

10.Peanut Butter Smooth Style

High peanut butter protein

Peanut butter commonly made with dry roasted peanuts. 100 grams of smooth style peanut butter high amount of calories but it provides high protein 25 grams.

If you want to lose weight or control weight, you just try to eat as a breakfast that maybe makes you fullness of feeling for long period of time.

Most of the people prefer peanut butter for high protein and it provides nutrients, minerals, vitamins.

It is rich source in potassium protein both are helps you to protect from heart diseases by control the blood pressure and improve muscles and bones strength.

Mostly doctors suggest that 1 or 2 tablespoons of peanut butter is healthy for the day.


Buckwheat protein

Buckwheat is a plant based grain seeds and it contains13.25 grams protein per 100g.

And it best vegetarian food for protein eaters.

And it is also good source of potassium 460 mg along with additional nutrients like magnesium, fibre and more.

Buckwheat protein is very high quality protein content when it’s boiled. It is specifically excellent in the amino acids.

These high protein vegetarian foods gives benefits are more powerful than others.

It is rich in vegetarian protein and dietary fiber help to lose weight and build strong muscles.

And also improve heart health, reduces blood sugar levels, protect against several diseases.


Cashew protein

Cashews provide very high quality protein (18.22g) and 553 kcal calories per 100 grams. These are looks good with delicious taste.

And these are rich in fat 43.85 grams also.So, you must know about calories and fats. If you want to lose weight then try to include less but protein dieters. It is the perfect for build muscle strength after workout.

Cashew nuts really good at prevent the diseases, diabetes and muscle growth.

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