10 High protein Vegan foods For Weight Loss | Strong Muscles

If you are following veganism then you come to the exact niche to pull high protein vegan foods. Various people are battling to get enough protein from plant-based foods.

That’s why we are analyzing some amazing protein-rich foods for the veganism diet, vegetarian people.

Maximum people tell use protein comes from nonvegetarian foods.

Yes that’s true

However, vegan and vegetarian people have also a lot of recourses to get high protein from a plant-based diet.

There are some amazing protein foods like pumpkin seeds, peanuts, hemp seeds, almonds, flax seeds, soybeans, and more foods that provide more than 10 grams of protein per hundred grams.

Why We Need High Protein In Your Vegan Diet Plan?

You know, protein is crucial to stay healthy and nourishing your body. One person needs to get a healthy quantity of protein from every meal.

And it is a major component in building parts of the body, improve muscle strength, decrease cravings.

So, your protein meal is always aware of high protein ingredients that perfectly help you to get a large quantity of protein body from everyday meals.

A high protein vegetarian diet is mostly used for weight loss, muscle building, fat burning, and other health benefits.

If you want to get all the health benefits of protein and absorb it efficiently, you have to find the right ways to consume foods.

These are also perfectly eligible to include in a high protein vegetarian diet plan and skinny guys bodybuilding diet plan.

In veganism, people generally reduce the micronutrients but there truly avoid meat-related foods. So they need higher protein for a healthy lifestyle and strong muscles.

In our list, we are going to show you the top healthy higher protein vegan foods and charts.

Now, we are ready to enter into the protein list

The Ultimate List Of High Protein Foods For Vegan

Many more people interested to following vegan and vegetarian protein diet plans instead of eating animal products.

Because animal products gives lot of unhealthy benefits to you that’s why people likely to include plant based foods into your diet.

I collected plenty of high protein plant-based foods in our guide along with their values.

List of high protein vegan foods for losing weight and build muscle for health.
High Protein Vegan Foods

Most of them are gives huge amount of protein along with all essential nutrients to your body.

Remember that your body needs daily required other nutrients than protein content for healthy functionality of your body.

So many people ignore this while following any diet plan that may cause complications.

So we are here to help you add additional protein to your vegetarian foods vegan diet with your recipes.

Now we are talking about how protein consumption is varied from person to other person?

Which amount of protein consumption is mainly depends on your health requirement.

For example,

If you want to lose weight with a vegan diet then you have to select high protein nutrition that is low in calories.

This way you have to include foods into your diet plan help you to get your desired health benefits from plant-based foods.

In our food list and extra protein, sources chart help you to choose your favorite foods in your vegan diet plan.

And also we provide brief information about high protein vegetarian meals, low fat protein foods as well as health benefits, precautions.

Now we are ready to enter into the amazing list of protein foods world.


Soybeans are excellent source of protein option and it is the first choice for adding the protein to your body.

100 grams Raw Soybean = 36 grams protein

You know, so many healthy protein powder supplements in the market mainly prepared with soybeans. This is the importance of high protein in these beans.

And also contains good energy, potassium, magnesium, fiber and crucial nutrients.

Mostly soybeans eat with agar ingredients to fulfill protein needs as well as to make recipes more delicious and high protein meals.

2.Peanut Butter

Peanuts are always a treasure of larger protein content as well as calories. And it is used as a food cream for spreading on bread, fruits, and other related recipes.

100 grams of peanut butter = 25 grams of protein

This is why peanuts are protein-rich food veg in India because it is easily buying everyone.

And it is a great versatile food used in any way with other foods help you get more protein as well as additional nutrients.

I think peanuts standfirst in the protein foods for vegan people and vegetarians.
However, it is an excellent replacement for meat.

Based on the purpose you have to add which amount of peanut butter into your diet.

Moreover, there is a surprising fact in peanut butter contains healthy fats and cholesterol zero.

Generally, several people trust 2 tablespoons of peanut butter is enough to forget a good quantity of protein.

If you want to eat more your doctor before including it in your diet.


If you want to get sufficient amount of protein from nuts almonds are great choice to include in your vegan diet plan. Most of the people eat them as a snacks.

100 grams almonds = 22 grams protein

Almonds are great source of protein as well as aadhar nutrients like fibre, vitamin E, copper and other essential amino acids.

If you want to eat them at any time, then they are usually available in the form of protein bars. Moreover, these are used in ral recipes as an extra ingredient and gives delicious look.


When we are following high protein vegan and vegetarian food chickpeas take a significant place in your diet.

Generally, chickpeas seeds are high in protein and versatile ingredient in many recipes.

100 grams chickpeas = 19 grams protein

And also these seeds are good in fiber, potassium, iron, magnesium, vitamin B6 and what’s more you want?

This food is Combination of several important nutrients. And chickpeas are perform crucial role in build strong muscles and improve oral health.

If you want to make your vegan neel recipes protein rich these are very good option to include in protein diet and eat them in the form of cooked.

You know, chickpeas are one of the excellent option to include in high protein vegan foods.

5.Pumpkin Seeds

Protein rich pumpkin seeds are edible seeds that are most popular in north America and they looks oval shape with light green colour.

If you want to get huge amount of protein from your vegetarian meals then pumpkin seeds are excellent option to add as a ingredient to your meal. This way you get sufficient amount of protein from your recipes.

100 grams pumpkin seeds = 19 grams protein

Additionally, you also get lot of other nutrients such as healthy fats, iron, folate, fiber, potassium, magnesium and other useful vitamins.

With the help of these wonderful nutrients this food provides numerous health benefits like reduce muscle soreness, reduce the risk of heart diseases, promote weight loss and other life saving benefits.

Primarily pumpkin seeds contains use amount of protein alarm with fiber help you to control your weight easily.

Coming to recipes, these seeds used as sprinkling on salads, smoothies, recipes and also gives delicious look as well as crunchiness to your recipe.

6.Cashew Nuts

Cashew green tree produces amazing and delicious high protein cashew nuts. Most of the people like to eat them at snack time as well as used as extra ingredient in recipes.

100 grams cashews = 18 grams protein

I think this is very large amount of protein from very tasty and most favorable nuts.

And these are also contain healthy fats, iron, magnesium and Vitamin B6.

With the help of cashew nuts nutrition that delivers numerous health benefits like healthy muscle growth, proper brain functionality, boost immunity levels, open your bones.

7.Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds contain healthy quality of protein that can be easily observed by your digestive system easily. It is the best advantage from this food.

1 serving hemp seeds(30g) = 11.41g protein

But, these are have little trace amount of effects still is not bad for your health according to dietitians. And it is the best protein food for vegan when we include seeds as protein.

In addition, you will get good quantities of iron, magnesium, calcium, zink, selenium and healthy fats.

With the help of these nutrition you will get amazing health benefits. According to few studies some specific fats in the hemp seeds may support reduce information in the body.

Hemp seeds used for sprinkling on salads and make dressing on healthy smoothies.


Tofu is of the great choices for a vegan high protein vegetarian diet, a protein that is used as necessary in many recipes.

100 grams tofu = 8 grams of protein

It provides 16% of the daily value of protein that needs to your body and very good to have in your diet.

Additionally, it also gives potassium, along with low calories so tofu is not only high protein food.

But you can get tremendous health benefits like a low-calorie diet for weight loss, prevent iron deficiency, strengthen your body, and improve the functionality of your body.

However, it is used in various delicious recipes to fulfill your nutrition needs and provide a sufficient amount of protein to your body.


A small quantity of lentils helps you to get rich protein and provide plenty of fiber content.

That’s why this is the healthiest food and flexible to add to your diet for fulfilling your protein needs sufficiently.

Black and red lentils are fully loaded with all of your nutritional needs. These are used in recipes, salads, rice as an extra portion of protein.

100 grams of boiled lentils provide 9 grams of protein as well as agar nutrients like b vitamins, iron, potassium.

Additionally, you get tremendous health benefits from this protein-rich food such as prevent anemia, improve the nervous system, weight loss, improve muscle strength, strengthen your muscles, resolve digestive-related issues.

10.High Protein Vegetables

Generally protein rich vegetables appeared video gana like dark green leaves colour and these very important to include in vegan for maintaining the healthy functionality of your body.

Green leafy vegetables eat lonely not provide enough protein for your daily routine. Although, you have a chance to include in your diet.

Consume the vegetables with other protein rich foods actually help you to get adequate quantity of protein to your body.

Here we are listing some of the best protein vegetables that given below

  • Broccoli = 4 grams protein
  • Mushrooms = 2 grams protein per cup
  • Kale = 3 grams protein(5 medium)

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For Recipes: Best High Protein Vegan Recipes

Vegan Protein Sources Chart

Here, I want to give an instant idea about protein sources in the form of a chart. This chart gives detailed values of protein content from your foods.

However, once you get idea about which foods contains highest protein then you automatically include in your diet in a flexible way.

Protein is a crucial nutrient that help your body to generate new cells that promotes strong health as well as boost Your immunity system.

For bodybuilders protein rich foods place significant role in growth of muscle and muscle recovery from exercise.

Does World Food Are Provide Enough Protein For Vegans?

There is a wonderful chance to get enough protein from nan meet foods. The search kind of foods is listed below.

Nuts and seeds
Edible beans
Soya crops
Green vegetables

These plant-based foods help you to eat a sufficient amount of protein per day. High protein green vegetables include broccoli, green Leaves, spinach and more.

Some vegetarians assume that there is no chance to get yellow protein from vegan foods.

No that is not reliable why because there are specific high protein foods easily available in plant-based foods.

Here, you just do one thing only to consume the right amount of protein. That is you have to find in our guidance list of vegan foods that contain high protein.

You just include them into your diet plan and then just focus on your goal.

High Protein Vegan Foods For Weight Loss and Build Muscle

Most of the people likely to lose their weight for perfect shape of body with strong muscles.

This is everyone dream to become fit and beautiful shape of your body.

To get your desired goals mostly people referred high protein food. But a large amount of protein actually comes from products.

For vegetarian people also have wonderful opportunities to add high protein vegan foods for weight loss as well as muscle building.

According to academy of Nutrition said that a person follow high protein vegetarian foods also gets all 9 amino acids that are essential to every person.

There are two approaches to add protein foods for weight loss or muscle building.

For weight loss purpose you have to include high protein low-calorie foods and high protein low-fat foods help you to promote weight loss with the help of calories reduction as well as fat limitations.

This kind of approach actually support for healthy weight loss by eating large quantity of protein and fibre help you to suppress your appetite levels as well as create fat burning environment in your body.

Finally, you get a healthy shape of your body with the help of high protein vegan foods as well as a vegetarian diet.

And next one is muscle building

People who are trying to build muscles with vegetarian protein then you have to approach protein foods with high calories and high protein vegetarian meals.

Specially peanuts, chickpeas, soybeans perfectly help you to improve the growth of muscles while doing the workouts.

Vegan Diet Benefits And Precautions

According to several nutrition studies vegan diet and vegetarian protein diet actually full fil your body required nutritional needs.

You don’t have to go animal products for protein content because there are a number of options available in the vegetarian foods like chickpeas, peanuts, seeds and some others.

In high protein foods for vegetarian diet you always monitoring the inter ka protein content quantity depends on your weight as well as health condition.

Some people want to lose weight with a vegan diet then they try to reduce the high-calorie consumption from protein diets.

In vegan diet plan, mostly used unprocessed foods so it will help you to get lot of health benefits like prevent the heart related diseases, improve your digestive system, strengthen your body and more.

In present days, most people likely to eat vegetarian protein foods instead of eating animal recipes.

Most of the animal recipes are loaded with unhealthy fats as well as high number of calories. This may lead to gain weight and affected by lots of of dangerous diseases.

From high Protein vegetarian diet plan you will get your required protein along with antioxidants, micronutrients, minerals and vitamins as well.

That’s why, this kind of diet help you to promote healthy lifestyle and protect from lot of diseases.


I hope this ultimate guide on high protein foods for vegan people really helpful for your healthy lifestyle. And you get instant idea from protein sources chart.

However, which way you eat the protein foods is always depends on your health benefits. So please try to consider this before try these foods.

If you have any health issues regarding to protein foods then try to consult your doctor we were following.

I hope you like this article then please try to sharei it with your family and friends friends. More sharing help you to create excellent article for you.

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