High Protein Low Calorie Foods For Quick Weight Loss

Add high protein low calorie foods getting so much popularity especially people who want to lose unhealthy weight as well as gain lean muscle mass.

Losing weight and improve the strength of the muscles as well as overall good health for people shows much curiosity protein-rich diets that are low in calories.

Some of the protein foods like seaffoods, vegetables, eggs and others provides acquired quantity of protein.

When we follow the low calorie foods that gives high quantity of protein for get numerous health benefits such as

  • Help you to lose weight
  • It may help You to Burn belly fat
  • Repair the muscle tissues after workouts
  • Control the hunger levels
  • Strengthen the bones as well as the structure of the body
  • It may enable strength of your body
  • Work as an excellent energy booster.

Now, coming to the how to get all these benefits effectively

You just need to follow protein diet along with physical exercises.

When you do the some physical exercises following protein rich diet for diet plans then your body all the all health benefits.

If your diet is low in calories that may lead to lose weight. At the moment we include high amount of protein promote lean muscle mass building environment.

What happened to your body while follow the protein foods that are less in calories?

Yes, so many health issues improved and develops a strong strength of body along with we get all essential vitamins and minerals.

Importance Of High Protein Low Calorie Foods

Protein is a macronutrient that plays very important role improve the muscle strength, bone density, blood quality.

Generally protein is made from several amino acids. In total number of amino acids some of them developer inside body.

And another 9 essential amino acids comes from our daily routine foods.

Protein nutrient deficiency may lead to loose muscle strength, hemoglobin levels, hormonal imbalance.

Hemoglobin is play very important role for carrying oxygen to the body parts for proper function of the organs.

Calorie consumption count depending on person lifestyle, physical activities, weight loss purpose, weight gain purpose.

The daily value of protein nutrient is 0.8 games per 1 kilogram.

It is a good idea to include low-calorie high-protein foods for vegetarians who want to shed some weight in the fastest way.

Additional we get some lean muscle mass while losing the unwanted fat from your body.

Popular High Protein Low Calorie Foods Diet For weight loss

High protein foods with low calories

1.Raw Egg white

Eggs are very protein food and eaten by people for so many of years.

100 gram of raw egg white provides 11 gram of protein nutrient and low in calories (55).

If you want to get great amount of protein egg white are option because with low cost.

So it will eligible tu include protein rich weight loss diet and gym followers.

In addition we get lot of essential nutrients from this delicious food.

2.Tuna Fish

Tuna fish is a favourable food for get right amount of protein and reduce the number of calories.

Generally tuna fish accessible in the form of canned fish.

Quantity of protein and calorie count is depending on type of tuna fish.

Although, types of tuna fishes gives provides video high protein nutrient as well as less amount of calories.

That’s why, to get high protein with low calories almost all types of tuna fishes are best choice for weight loss people and muscle building people.

And also it is heart friendly because of countless fats.

3.Cottage Cheese ( Paneer)

Cottage cheese is a one of the form of milk.

100 grams of creamed cottage cheese contains only 98 calories and 11 grams of high protein nutrient.

And also it provides healthful minerals and vitamins that fulfill your requirements.

Due to high amount of protein and essential nutrients it is the best choice for weight loss people, bodybuilders.

Moreover, you have a choice to include these kinds of foods in a high-protein, low-carb diet.


Lentil seeds are edible and they look like lens shaped seeds.

100 grams of boiled lentil seeds delivers 9 gram of good quality protein as well as very less amount calories (116).

The help of higher quantity of dietary fibre (8g) and low calorie count may control the hunger levels.

By reducing the hunger levels we can easily reduce belly fat as well as lose weight.

In addition, we get all essential nutrients from these feeds that are required to maintain healthy body.

Due to this reason which is the best choice for health conscious people to get numerous health benefits.

5.Beans Backed

100 grams of backed beans gives 9 grams of protein and 155 calories.

Yes that is low in calories but they gives high quantity of protein micronutrient.

People who are you looking for high protein along with nutrients like dietary fibre and iron beans are excellent choice.

Due to high fiber and protein content may support for fast weight loss without cravings.


Peas are very good option for include in the protein dietbbecause they provides which amount of protein, low in calories.

As well as we get all essential nutrients from these protein foods.

especially, cooked cowpeas contains 8 grams of protein and less amount of calories (116 kcal).

Cowpeas provides lot of health benefits like weight loss, fight with anaemia with the help of right amount of dietary fiber and iron.

7.Lean Meats

Fat removed meats are called lean meats such as chicken, pork, beef, turkey.

Lean meats usually huge source of protein and little bit high in calories.

That amount of calories doesn’t shows any impact on your calorie count.

Because, when you consume the lean meat it takes more time to digest due to the high protein content.

That’s why lean meats are exceptional source of protein with low calories.

It will help provide lot of health benefits like gain lean muscle mass, reduce the fat and improve the strength of your body.

8.Plain Greek Yoghurt

Nonfat plain Greek yogurt provides 9 grams of protein and 90 calories per 6 ounces.

So it is a great choice to include in high protein low calorie foods diet plans.

Find this food help you do lose weight and improve the density of your bones with a help of good quantity of calcium.


People who wants to get high amount of protein from vegetables with low calorie count.

Broccoli is it best option for get the some sufficient quantity of protein as well as all essential nutrients.

It contains 2.8 grams of protein and only 34 calories per 100 grams.

It is also flexible food for incorporate any weight loss diet plans phone and weight management purpose.

10.Salmon Fish

Salmon fish provides higher quantity of protein (20g) omega 3 acids and less number of calories(120).

From this food we get additional nutrients like cobalamin, vitamin B6, potassium and sodium.

But beware of cholesterol levels of this food is bit high.

So people who are struggling with heart related diseases you just try to ignore this food.

Bottom Line

I hope all of the above low-calorie foods give you some ideas for dieters.

I think after reading this post you can get the best ideas for creating a 7-day protein diet plan for weight loss with low-calorie foods.

If you have any health related issues regarding to fats to consult your family doctor to receive tips from him.

All of information is described for information purposes only not for medicinal use.

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