10 Incredible Guava Leaves Benefits That You Should Know

In recent months many people gets awareness about guava leaves benefits.

This herbal tea gets very popular particularly in south African countries, united States of America, south India and other regions.

Due to its powerful antibacterial, antioxidants and healthy quantity of dietary fiber, vitamin C these leaves gets outstanding preference for get the benefits.

We access all nutrients from guava leaves and fruits.

Now here, let’s talk about guava leaves medicinal advantages and learn how to prepare leaves tea.

So many people drink herbal teas like lemon tea, green tea.

By following this herbal teas for reduce belly fat, lose weight, detoxification and protect from diseases.

Some of them get succeed with above herbal teas and remaining people still struggle to find the best methods to get desired result.

According to the Indian Ayurveda and some other studies told that guava leaves provides outstanding health advantages than other herbal teas.

In this article we completely described about health benefits of leaf, how to prepare them for consume and precautions.

What Is Guava?

Guava scientific name is Psidium guajava and it is a small tree.

Generally, this small tree cultivated in south India, Caribbean, central America and South America.

This amazing tree provides outstanding medicinal properties and nutrition in two ways that are listed below

  • Guava fruit
  • Guava leaves ( it is available in two forms of fresh leaves and leaves extract powder).

According to the Ayurveda and herbal remedies these leaves are fully loaded with antioxidants, antibacterial, and and anti-inflammatory properties.

In addition, they contains rich quantity of dietary fiber, vitamin C and few number of vitamins and minerals.

There are various number of guava fruits that comes in different colours like yellow, white and orange.

Specially orange colour fruit provides higher number of carotenoids than other varieties.

Guava leaves extract powder gives same number of health benefits as fresh leaves.

Top 10 List Of Guava Leaves Benefits

Guava leaves benefits

Here we are provide health benefits of guava leaf according to Ayurveda, nutrition values and some scientific studies.

These leaves primary used for lose weight as well as body detoxification purpose.

And they contains good amount of Vitamin C, vitamin A, dietary fiber and other medicinal properties.

These contents help you to get numerous number of health benefits by daily consumption.

Now let’s enter into the list of health benefits

1.Help You To Lose Weight Fast

If you consume guava leaves tea on your regular basis, you well get dietary fiber and vitamin C.

Guava leaves have a availability to prevent complex carbohydrates into sugars that can cause weight gain and fat storages.

Prevention of this process your body automatically stopped weight gain function that may help you to lose weight as well as lose belly fat naturally.

2.Prevent Constipation

Constipation is a common problem for so many number of people in the world.

To get relief from constipation people use so many number of medicines and few home remedies.

But these leaves can have ability to prevent constipation due to it’s high amount of dietary fiber.

If you drink guava leaves herbal tea at morning time on your regular basis you will surely reduce the constipation.

3.Regulates Blood Pressure Levels

Guava leaves ability to manage blood pressure levels by reducing the blood thickness.

And promoting the fluidity in your blood thought of the day.

It is possible with the help of dietary fiber and hypoglycemic nature both control the blood pressure levels efficiently.

4.Controls Type 2 Diabetes

Guava leaves help you to reduce the glucose levels in the body, without raising the sugar level in bloodstream.

This is possible with the help of soluble fiber that can slow Down the glucose release in the bloodstream.

5.Treat Digestive System Issues

Guava leaves extract or fresh leaves herbal tea contains antibacterial properties that help to further growth of bad bacteria in intestines.

And makes that area more alkaline.

In addition, we get good quantity of fiber that actually normalize the bowel movements.

This way eating food material passing healthy manner in intestines.

That’s why these leaves are work as wonderful medicine for treat digestive system issues.

If you want to reduce intestines diseases then you try to drink guava leaves tea on your empty stomach.

Drink the herbal tea at morning time perfect way to get all health benefits of guava leaves.

6.Act As Anti-Aging Agent

So many younger people and middle aged people struggle with aging face due lot of factors.

If you want to look young then you just need to make the creamy mixture of guava leaves.

Apply this paste as a face pack actually improve the beauty of the skin and you looks young.

Because these leaves can make your face young with their anti aging effects.

7.Improve The Growth Of Hair

Hair loss is a common problem for so many younger people.

If you want to stop hairfall and improve the growth of your hair with the help of home remedies.

Guava leaves are excellent option to stop hair loss.

Then you just need to follow the simple procedure that is

Boil the leaves for few minutes and apply them on your scalp.

8.Prevent And Fight With Cancer Cells

These amazing leaves includes higher number of antioxidants like lycopene can help fight with several types of cancer diseases.

This process done efficiently by reducing the some specific hormone that can cause to growth of cancer cells.

So finally these powerful antioxidants kill the cancer causing cells and remove free radicals from body.

9.Treat Oral Problems

So many people struggle with oral problems such as mouth ulcers, tooth aces, gum inflammation.

If you want to reduce or get instant relief from oral inflammation you just take 1 to 2 fresh guava leaves.

And wash them with freshwater now chewing the leaves help you to get immediate relief from oral issues.

This is scientifically proven by ayurvedic medicines as well as our older generation.

Do you want to know, How it works efficiently

Yes it’s works perfectly because guava leaves delivers antibacterial properties and fabric nature.

10.Treat Common Cold

Generally, most of the people prefer home remedies for common cold to get relief from symptoms.

Guava leaves tea fully loaded with vitamin C that produces some powerful antioxidants that are help you to reduce the common cold symptoms.

In fact, they can also decrease the cold disease duration as well as provides instant relief.

How To Prepare Guava Leaves For Get Health Benefits

Generally, guava leaves available in two ways that are fresh leaves and leaves powder from stores.

Prepare the guava leaves tea to get numerous health benefits.

I can explain briefly how to prepare the leaves herbal tea.

First bring the 4 fresh leaves and wash them with fresh water.

Boil them with 3 glasses of water for few minutes until boiling water gets golden colour.

Now filter the boiled guava leaves water and leave it few minutes.

Now it is ready to drink the herbal leaves tea to get all essential nutrients.

If you drink this tea on your regular basis with in a few days you get the excellent weight loss results and other health benefits.

if want to learn step by step procedure of making guava leaves tea you just go through this

How to prepare the guava leaves for tremendous health benefits

Side Effects

When you consume the guava fruit is good for our health but their leaves drink only short time good for our health.

But some people gets stomach pain after drinking the leaf extract teas.

In some people when chewing the guava leaf for orall relief they get allergic interaction.


Pregnant and breastfeeding womens don’t use guava leaves extracts because at your pregnancy duration.

You need to include only healthy quantity foods in your regular diet.

Before 3 week of the surgery you need to stop usage of guava leaves extract because it may lead to speed up the blood bleeding and sugar controls.

For diabetic people they always keep check your blood sugar levels while consuming leaves extract.

Bottom Line

I hope you totally understand about guava leaves health benefits, leaves extract tea preparation, precautions and side effects.

By consuming the guava leaves for short period of time may help you to get amazing health advantages.

If you want to get health benefits more efficiently and you need to drink tea at morning time.

You will surely notice that with in few days later you lose extra weight as well as reduce belly fat naturally.

If you have any allergic situations while following guava tea then talk with your doctor.

They can help you with science based valuable tips that are very crucial in any diet plans.

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