Home Remedies For Cough To Get Fast Relief

Use home remedies for cough to get relief or treat only short-term cough.


If your cough continue for more than 8 weeks, it is not good for your health and you need to consult your doctor to take tests and get effective treatment.

Less than 8 weeks of cough may be able to treat with remedies. First, you have to know why a normal cough occurs.

When the normal cough occurs that is generated by lungs to remove infected toxins from your body.

It is very common process when you infected with little dangerous infections. And it is useful for remove toxins from your lungs.

Let’s try some powerful home herbs to treat cough. We are gathered from our old generation that really works best for coughing and cold also.

Before going into the remedies list we need to earn about the cough, their reasons, and types of cough. Our home remedies use to getting instant relief or treat permanent without the use of chemical medicine.

Coughs are categorized by severity, duration time

Acute cough, it is below 3 weeks ( common type)

Chronic cough, it is more than 4 weeks and you need to consult your doctor is best.

Allergic cough due to weather or dust
Infected lungs related cough (consult doctor)

Some other types of cough from bad habits such as smoking, acid reflux, other few factors.

Normal cough causes

  • Weather
  • Air pollution
  • Seasonal changes
  • Polluted drinking water
  • Some other cough infections

How Home Remedies Works For Cough

Our natural home remedies promote your body immunity to treat or get relief itself only.

Our body’s immunity gets some powerful healing properties from our natural home remedies to treat coughing effectively.

Lot of researches found that our bodies produce some powerful healing agents.

When you get infected with infections then our immunity fight against infection.

At the time we support them with our powerful home medicines to treat cough effectively in a short period of time.

If you get infected with cough infections our lungs plays very important role. Lungs generates cough to remove infections from your body. This is a natural process generated by lungs.

When I get cough, my parents tell me put a little bit of mishri in my mouth. If you put the mishri home remedie mainly at night coughing reduced automatically.

I don’t know at the moment,

After few days later, I want know the how mishri, honey, ginger teas home remedies works well for cough.

Then I try to ask my family and other old farmers, they said when use them for cough you get instant relief and treats well because they are excellent in reducing cough as well as cold also.

From their childhood use these amazing remedies to treat cough without use of medicine.

These fallowing valuable information gathered from south Indian people. Especially, mishri remedy works instantly at night time to get healthy sleep.

Home Remedies For Cough To Get Instant Relief

Cough is a common problem among the people. So many people get continuous coughing during the night.

They don’t get enough sleep because of this and keeps on coughing.

That’s disgusting

So what is the solution for coughing?

Home remedies for cough

1.Black Pepper And Honey Paste


  • 6-7 Black peppers
  • 1 teaspoon honey

Many people struggle to sleep with coughing but we have a simple home remedy for this.

First take black papers which is available in every kitchen.

Take 6 number of black peppers and grind it as a powder.

Now black pepper powder is ready and take a bowl fill with pepper powder.

Add honey and mix them well. Take approximately 1 teaspoon of honey and added to the Powder and mix it.

After mixing papper and honey remedy is ready now. Eat this paste night time before going to bed.

Please keep in mind that you have to eat only at night time and keep it in your mouth.

And swallow it slowly. Don’t drink water after after eating the remedy.

At this moment you will get burning sensation in your tongue but don’t drink water.

You will notice that, you have get relieve from continuous coughing and finally you get perfect sleep all night.

2.Honey Tea


2 teaspoon honey (organic)
1 warm water

Honey naturally provides the most efficient relief from cough.

If you want to treat cough with honey first you how to mix 2 teaspoons of honey with one glass of warm water.

Now, it is ready to use this effective remedy for coughing to get instant relief.

Did you know, honey contains high quality antioxidants properties , important nutrients.

With the help of their antioxidants and nutrients properties help you to treat cough and cold.

3.Ginger Remedy Tea


Ginger slices
1 cup water

Ginger may relieve from dry cough as it has anti inflammatory properties.

This home remedy provides relieve sore throat and other symptoms of cough as well as gives immediate relief from coughing.

This powerful herbal remedy made by adding 20 – 30 grams of fresh ginger slices with yeh hot water.

Drink this ginger remedy after making few minutes later. It means when it comes warm.

4.Milk And Turmeric


1 teaspoon of turmeric powder
1 warm milk

Lot of people likes to drink milk with different flavours, but if you need to treat cough with milk you have to add one teaspoon of turmeric.

Warm milk and turmeric mix remedy is an effective way to fight against cough and cold infections.

Drinking 1 glass of warm turmeric milk remedy before going to sleep helps in faster recovery from cough and cold.

5.Black Paper And Jaggery Remedy


  • 1 glass water (boil)
  • cumin little bit
  • Jagery few slices

First boil the water with jaggery, black pepper powder with cumin powder.

Drink this natural remedy when it comes warm and it will give effective relief from cough, chest congestion.

Jaggery, black pepper and cumin contains lot of great quality of antioxidants along with excellent nutrition.

These special qualities help you to breakdown phelgum and smoothing the throat.

It mainly provides instant relief from pain, snoothing and remove muscus from your best.

6.Mishri (Rock Sugar)


  • Rock sugar
  • Black pepper powder

Mishri contains some powerful healing properties with their special nutrition. That nutrients have ability to break down the phlegum and snooth your throat by clearing musucus.

This powerful remedy provides instant relief from cough you just chewing slowly.

And we have another way to use this with black pepper powder.

Black pepper and rock sugar mixture is powerful to get relief from productive cough.

Take this remedy for about 2 to 3 times a day makes you feel better from cough as well as cold.

Bottom Line

Above home, remedies to get instant relief from common cough.

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