Guava Leaves For Weight Loss-Secrete Methods Revealed!

Here You will learn about preparing guava leaves for weight loss due to certain nutrient.

And furthermore has antioxidant properties, antiseptic, fiber, and vitamins.

Guava leaves extract is very popular in recent months. You know they are very effective than other extract teas. The leaves have some amazing properties that work as natural weight loss herb.

Drinking guava leaves tea in the morning with an empty stomach is gives lots of health benefits like promote weight loss, blood sugar levels control, improve the digestive system, kills bad bacteria in the body, detoxify our body, and more.

The leaves contain 5.4g fiber due to this it acts as a natural appetite suppressant. So we try to make tea with guava leaves in the morning to help you to lose weight fast.

Actually, guava leaves tea to prevent complex carbohydrates from turning into sugars. This kind of environment promotes very fast weight loss.

Weight loss is one of the best benefits of guava tea, that’s why we use guava leaf extract and it provides a lot of health benefits than others. Because of their excellent nutritional values like vitamin C, high fiber and antioxidant properties.

guava leaves for weight loss

How Guava Leaves help You To Lose Weight?

Guava contains good nutrition along with high fiber content that helps for weight loss. And detoxifies our body with their antioxidant properties.

Drinking guava leaves tea regularly and it surely promotes weight loss by suppressed appetite.

Guava contains the right amount of potassium (417g) and sodium thereby improve the levels of the body. Regulating blood pressure is useful for hypertension patients.

And also tea lowers the heart-related diseases by reducing the levels of bad cholesterol.

Guava leaf (5g) fiber that helps to improve the bowel movements and easy to pop by preventing constipation. Soluble fiber indigestible and provide a healthy environment to gut bacteria. Consumption of fiber leads to suppressing appetite.

Drinking guava leaves tea more frequently helps you to get more health benefits.

Vitamin C 380% — Daily consumption of vitamin C may promote the fat burning process and improve your body functionality.

Vitamin C deficiency people not easy to burn fat, so to fulfill vitamins you have to go with guava tea. Guava leaves are excellent sources of vitamin C it’s really true.

Doubt: Vitamin C deficiency symptoms

Guava is 4 times better than oranges. Vitamin C helps boost immunity levels and protect against normal infections. In traditional treatment guava leaves used to be antiseptic for healing wounds.

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How To Prepare Guava Leaves For Weight Loss:

Here, you can learn how to prepare guava tea from my own experience? you don’t need to bother about making guava leaves tea that works as an excellent drink to burn extra fat from your body. Start your weight loss journey from here, we will help you to solve your weight issues in this article.

Presently guava leaves extract gets popular. Some people drink tea and others take in the form of a supplement.

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Please read this article until the last word may really help you to reach your goals as well as health. If you have any doubts about Weight loss tea please consult your doctor.

Guava leaves take into two forms that are fresh and dry leaves.

Step1: First bring fresh guava leaves from your garden or anywhere and 2 glasses of water.

Step2: Next, clean the 4 guava leaves with freshwater, because they are filled with dust that can decrease the quality of tea.

Step3: Now boil the 4 washed guava leaves with 2 glasses of water in low flame.

Step4: After boiling about 10 minutes, water gets a light red color. It is the right time to stop the stow.

Step5: Finally you got weight loss tea from guava leaves and it’s ready to drink. If you want to taste like sweet add some honey to it.

You just using guava leaf extract to make fat burning tea and you also get some additional health benefits when you try to drink on empty stomach.

Guava Leaves Tea With Dried Leaves:

Some of the people think dried leaves lost it’s health benefits. No, it’s not true guava leaves extract also gives the same health benefits.

In this tea making the same as fresh guava leaves. Here, You just need to follow the below procedure carefully to make your powerful healthy fat burning tea.

Step1: First, make the dried guava leaves into the powder or get the guava leaves powder from the stores.

Step2: Next, take two glasses of water with 2 tablespoons of guava powder into the bowl.

Step3: Take the powder on to the stow and boil them with 2 glasses of water in low flame for 10 minutes until they get a light red color.

Step4: Now it’s time to drink. Some studies recommend taking guava tea twice daily.

Amount per 100 grams, Benefits

 Total Calories 68,
Potassium 417 mg,
Total Carbohydrate 14 g,
Dietary fiber 5 g,
Protein 2.6 g,
Vitamin C 380%
 Calcium 1%
 Iron  1%
 Vitamin D  0%
 Vitamin B-6 5%
 Cobalamin  0%
 Magnesium 5%

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When you Drink

Morning time with an empty stomach is the best time to drink. If you drink tea in the morning to getting effective results from leaves. While following this diet you just try to exercise 30 per day.

When you drink guava leaves tea you don’t add milk or sugar to the weight loss tea. And it is recommended to drink twice a day only. And this diet takes some time to get desired results until you have to maintain patiency. Finally, you get rid of belly fat as well as overall health benefits.


Guava leaves extract antioxidants that have the ability to prevent Alzheimer’s disease and reduce the risk of developing diseases.

Studies on guava leaves for weight loss
Latest Studies On Guava

Where You Can Find Guava Leaves?

Guava leaves getting popularity as their numerous health benefits. Guava leaves tea gives benefits like belly fat reduction, control diabetes, wounds heal, hair health, digestive system health, and boost our immunity levels.

Some people struggle to find guava leaves don’t worry leaves extract available in stores and online.

But guava leaves also called different names across the world and it takes less time to make that’s why everyone wants to follow guava leaves tea diet plan to get amazing results.

Please try once you will really get some perfect health benefits and you know leaves are very cheap and easy to get.

Other Names of Guava :

Guava leaves have some other  names in different countries.So you no need to confuse because here providing other names also. 

India = Amrood( Jaama in Telugu)
Spain = Guayaba
Guava (most of the regions in the world)
Psidium Guajava = South Africa.

Below are some available places to buy them from stores and gardens.
If you are living in the city it is not easy to find them around your house. But we have the best options to buy dried leaves extract powders from the following places.

Grocery stores,
From online.

If you’re living in the villages, no need to go to stores guava trees available around your house or gardens. Next you get the 4 fresh leaves and make the weight loss tea simply.

While drinking the tea you try to remove fat, junk and high carbohydrates foods from your diet. It may help you boost your weight loss journey.

Guava Leaves Tea Side Effects

After too much consumption of anything may case some side effects, so you just need some attention when you are trying to follow any diet.But you want to prevent side effects then you will get some reliable information about that carefully.

Here we have described some side effects by consuming a longer and larger amount of guava leaves for the purpose of belly fat burn. The safe time is 12 weeks more than you will get some side effects instead of health benefits. Below are the few side effects that are

Cough, High cholesterol, Colic Caracts, Diarrhea 

But, above mentioned side effects doesn’t have sufficient evidence. You want to know the research on guava leaves learn from studies.

Other Benefits:

Guava leaves use mainly used for weight loss and additionally, we get a lot of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents and antibacterial properties that give excellent health benefits like the fight against common infections.

It may help reduce Menstrual pain. And perform bad cholesterol levels reduction.

As well as it can turn complex carbs to insulin help you to manage diabetes by regulating the blood sugar levels in your body.

Drink guava tea regularly gives Soluble fiber to help maintain gut bacteria’s health and promote fat loss.

It’s antibacterial properties fight against very dangerous infections throughout your life long.

Guava leaves extract contains some powerful healing properties that may help you to the reduction of cold and cough.

It also has anti-aging properties to bring the younger look, and you apply the mixture on your face, improves your skin tone and muscles.

Bottom line :

Can Guava help you lose weight?

What do guava leaves cure?
What does guava leaves do to hair?
Can guava cure diabetes?

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